nekTech web-development software platform introduction

nekTech is a software platform for web-development, which consists of two PHP libraries for extremely fast-rendered and easily maintainable templating.

It’s just like any other template system, but much better: nekTech really totally separates data processing from data presentation.

The platform status is v1 FINAL (v1.1803).

Have you had enough copying the same template into different directories for such a simple case as different languages?

Are you or your developers tired of this mix of HTML and program code?

Software platform nekTech, demonstration of anti-pattern

*not nekTech code

If it looks fine for you, we can't help.
If it does not — you've come to the right place. Rejoice!

Welcome to the world of well structured web-based systems. You'll like it.

We are proud to give you nekTech: the smooth water of web-development.

It is bigger than just a templating engine, because it also contains a bunch of supportive functions such as user recognition, DB functions and, say, even self-explanatory arrayToXML.
This makes nekTech fully ready for making instant web-prototypes and custom engines.

The main advantages of nekTech are:

  • Exceptionally fast rendering (and we mean fast: our Purpur CMS, based on nekTech, collects data from database, prepares it and renders pages as quick as <20 ms on a single-server Atom@1.66Ghz and Apache, compare that to 10 ms of delivering static html of the same size on that same server:-))
  • Very multi-lingual friendly
  • Low educational cost: templates are in fact almost pure html and require absolutely no programming skills
  • Low maintenance cost: shared hosting was not what we had in mind while creating nekTech, but your project will not require dedicated server for far higher load and far longer period compared to any other web-system, and when the time comes to use the dedicated power, nekTech is just overwhelmingly efficient
  • Full separation of server-side programming from user-side templating (and programming, of course)
  • Greatly scalable by lower-level means: no special additional programming is needed to scale the project (building and fine-tuning load balancing, database cluster and a bunch of performance servers is enough)
  • Remarkably easy and cheap to migrate to from any other engine
  • The power to integrate and combine with other engines: hybridization is our strength

You don't need to know programming to create a template for nekTech.
You don't need to understand programming to create a template for nekTech.
You don't need a programmer to fully or partially redesign a project built with nekTech.

Basically, nekTech is a set of three libraries: nekRender, nekSys and nekText (the latter is only used in need of multi-lingual projects; we at Web-Room always use it just in case, since it's far too often an unpredictable suprise and our projects are ready for multiple languages in advance).

We created this site and wrote this page after dozens of working projects have already demonstratively proven that nekTech is a successfully working solution. Say, nekTech is the basis for commercially available Purpur CMS, nekTech smallGuide, a number of CRMs and a number of custom eCommerce sites.

Email us to purchase a license (we speak English, Russian and Ukrainian).

nekTech system requirements are nothing special:

  • since early 2014 nekTech itself and nekTech-based Purpur CMS have been thoroughly tested and deployed to production environments on all kinds and versions of major operating systems: FreeBSDs (which it was originally developed on), Linuxes (CentOS, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, Fedora), Windows (including Server 2003, Server 2008)
  • Compatible with PHP 5.0 and above
  • Requires php/ext/mysqli if used off-the-shelf but very easy to modify for using ext/mysql or any other database engine and extension
  • Shared hosting friendly
  • Tastes best with APC :-)